NY Photos used in Area Jazz Festival – PowerPoint – Video

Here are the files from the May 23 Badger High School Area Jazz Festival:

PowerPoint Jazz 2013

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YouTube Link (You may wish to search YouTube for “May 23, 2013 Badger High School Area Jazz Festival – Jazz Ensemble” and “Essentially Ellington 2013” for footage of the New York performance.

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Essentially Ellington Competition & Festival photo gallery and recordings of the competition

All will be available on www.jalc.org/essentiallyellington

2013 Essentially Ellington Results

Results Page

Jazz at Lincoln Center’s 18th Annual
Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band Competition & Festival Awards

First Place
Tucson Jazz Institute, Tucson, AZ

Second Place
Jazz House Kids, Montclair, NJ

Third Place
Roosevelt High School, Seattle, WA

Honorable Mention
Dillard Center for the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Outstanding Sections
Jazz House Kids

Outstanding Saxophone Section
Beloit Memorial High School
Garfield High School
Community Arts Program
Rio Americano High School
Roosevelt High School
Dillard Center for the Arts
Lexington High School
Honorable Mention
New World School of the Arts

Edmonds-Woodway High School

Outstanding Trombone Section
Roosevelt High School
Tucson Jazz Institute

Garfield High School
Badger High School
Roosevelt High School
Tucson Jazz Institute

Rio Americano High School

Outstanding Soloist
Kyra Silbernagel, Sun Prairie High School
Jack Swiggett, Garfield High School
Isaiah Thompson, Jazz House Kids
Franchesca Romera, New World School of the Arts
Evan Tarrh, Lexington High School
Alex Olsen, Foxboro High School
Joey Cozza, Rio Americano
Daniel Arthur, Roosevelt High School

Outstanding Soloist
Sam Olson, Sun Prairie High School
Alex Warshawsky, Jazz House Kids

Outstanding Soloist
David Zyto, Jazz House Kids
Josh Bermudez, New World School of the Arts
Henry Lunetta, Rio Americano High School
Honorable Mention
Kevin Scollins, Foxboro High School

Outstanding Soloist
Aaron Crawford, Beloit Memorial High School
Luke Woodle, Roosevelt High School
Honorable Mention
Nick Adair, Foxboro High School
Paul Slater, Rio Americano High School

Outstanding Soloist
Kyle Brooks, Edmonds-Woodway High School
Dexter Callender III, Community Arts Program
Honorable Mention
Laura Kidder, Badger High School
Crissy Cavallaro, Foxboro High School

Alto Saxophone
Outstanding Soloist
Tim Leslie, Beloit Memorial High School
Aaron Reihs, American Music Program
Nathan Altman, Sun Prairie High School
Zoe Obadia, Jazz House Kids
Julian Lee, Jazz House Kids
Sarah Clausen, Badger High School
Emery Mesich, Rio Americano High School
Anna Dolde, Roosevelt High School
Alan Acosta, Tuscon Jazz Institute
Honorable Mention
Ariel Loud, Garfield High School
Markus Howell, Dillard Center for the Arts
Kira Daglio-Fine, Lexington High School

Tenor Saxophone
Outstanding Soloist
Rony Gimenez, Beloit Memorial High School
Jack Ferguson, Jazz House Kids
Nathan Rice, Jazz House Kids
Lucas Bere, Rio Americano High School

Outstanding Doubler
Isak Washburn-Gaines, Garfield High School, on Clarinet and Tenor
Honorable Mention
Angie Jepsen, Foxboro High School, on Flute and Alto

Outstanding Tripler
Robbie Lee, Tucson Jazz Institute, on Piano, Vocal, and Saxophone

Outstanding Soloist
Charlie Sommers, Badger High School
David Ayala, Badger High School
Taylor Young, Dillard Center for the Arts
Sam Chess, Tucson Jazz Institute
Honorable Mention
Connor Hargus, Garfield High School
John Colan Bukowski, Community Arts Program

Outstanding Soloist
Noah Conrad, American Music Program
Wallace Roney, Jazz House Kids
Anthony Hervey, Dillard Center for the Arts
Fernando Ferrarone, Community Arts Program
Andrew Stephens, Rio Americano High School
John Otten, Roosevelt High School
Noah Halpern, Roosevelt High School
Jeffrey Gustaveson, Roosevelt High School
Alex Melnychuk, Tucson Jazz Institute
Honorable Mention
Carter Hall, New World School of the Arts

Honorable Mention
Isabella Yanke, Badger High School

The Ella Fitzgerald Outstanding Soloist Award
Coleman Hughes, Jazz House Kids

RECOGNIZED for Clarinet

Laura Kidder – honorable mention


Isabella Yanke – honorable mention

RECOGNIZED for Outstanding Trombone

Charlie Sommers & David Ayala

RECOGNIZED for Outstanding Alto Sax

Sarah Clausen

RECOGNIZED for Outstanding Trumpet Section


1 final pose


Bunge’s new shoes